Did you know that ESPN’s 30 for 30 series left Netflix since January this year?

Several shows left Netflix’s catalog during the last year and some interesting ones were added as well. The recent one to depart was 30 for 30 documentary series from ESPN.

The series can be considered the brainchild of Grantland founder Bill Simmons. Initially, 30 such documentaries were to be created specially to celebrate ESPN’s 30th birthday. Producers continued making documentaries beyond 30 because of their popularity.

There are lesser documentaries that sports lovers, as well as sports haters, can watch together. ESPN’s 30 for 30 series is one of them. It allows viewers to take a look at glimpse from sports culture and understand the history of various sports. Out of 69 plus popular documentary titles, Fantastic Lies’, Broke’s exploration of misguided wealth in the NFL, and the one based on the Duke lacrosse scandal are some of the most popular ones. Sadly, these are no more available on Netflix.

The series is not available since January 1 this year. Several popular sportsmen as well as people from the entertainment industry ridiculed Netflix for this move on Twitter during January and even during February. People are probably expressing their anger as soon as they realize that the series is no more available. As usual, many subscribers have threatened Netflix about canceling the subscription on a mass scale.

Experts pointed out that Netflix is worth investment because of such small delights like ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. It was one of the best sports focused life-style series on the video streaming platform. Its departure is definitely a blow to Netflix. Not just subscribers from Netflix usa, but viewers from other countries also showed interest in the same.

Certain parts available on other video streaming options

Fans can definitely watch these documentaries on Hulu, as they still have content from season 4 of the concerned series. Hulu may probably get more of these documentaries on board during the coming months if it manages to seal the deal.  Some parts from the series are also available with Google Play, Amazon Video, and ESPN, iTunes.

While sharing their opinion on this issue, Netflix’s spokesperson said the video sharing site considers several factors while getting titles on board or removing them. Rights for titles come with a certain timeframe, and they need to be renewed. Factors like viewers feedback, the number of views, and availability of similar content are considered primarily. In some cases, the producers do not wish to renew the contract with Netflix. So, the video streaming company spends that money on buying other titles.

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