The Best Way to Improve Your Food’s Shelf Life

Are you planning on a vacation? Having your favorite food with loved ones can make your vacations even more special. However, bacteria, yeast, and moisture can spoil your favorite dish and your mood. You need tofollow some simple methods to keep your food fresh and free from any spoilage, so you can consume it later.

Easy-as-pie guide to increase your food’s shelf life

Drying your food is an effective way to stop the support of any microbial activity that can spoil your food. Just about any food can be preserved by dehydrating it and removing the moisture in it. Some consider drying to be effective, and the easiest way to preserve food over freezing and canning.

When it comes to milk products, most people prefer using natural preservatives,like carrageenan, which comes in handy to preserve and thicken milk products.Air drying, sun drying, and solar drying are some of the drying techniques that are in practice today. Most people prefer using oven drying and electric dehydrator to preserve their food.

Here’s what you must know before choosing between oven drying and electric dehydrators:

Conventional oven drying for beginners

It’s recommended that you go for oven drying if you’re a first-timer at food drying,or an occasional food dryer. Dryinginvolves little or no investmentthat’s just right for any food products, like meats and seafood. Furthermore, oven drying is well-suited for low-moisture products, like herbs, bread cubes, meaty potatoes, and berries.

The conventional oven drying technique involves simple steps which can be administered by just about anybody. Prepare the food you want to dry and preheat itto about 125- 145. However, care must be taken while opening the oven door; it’s suggested that you use a wooden spoon or folded towel to open the hot oven door. You can make use of a fan to blow away the hot air from the oven.

Electric food dehydrator -ideal for all weather conditions

You might have to consider the weather condition in the conventional oven methods while food-dehydrator appliances have few weather dependencies. Most food dehydrators provide you higher temperature control from 85 to 180. An electric food dehydrator is easier and consistent over the conventional oven drying.

You can even preserve food products for longer shelf life without drying them using carrageenan. However, the main objective of the drying method is to reduce moisture in the food and increase its shelf life. You can either choose conventional oven drying or electric food dehydrator depending on how often you use it. It’s important to store the dried food in airtight containers for better results.

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