The Lowdown on End Grain Flooring

It was once a popular flooring choice for grand stately homes and large industrial buildings. Today, end grain flooring is a unique and stylish addition to any home. If you’re tired of solid wood flooring but still want your room to have a natural feel, then end grain flooring could be what you’re looking for.

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What Is End Grain Flooring?

End grain flooring is made by cutting tiles from a piece of timber. Cuts are made at the end of the timber exposing the grain on the face of the tile, just like you’d see on a chopping board. The tiles are then fixed together to form your flooring.

Benefits of End Grain Flooring

The best feature of end grain flooring is its durability. It was once used as street paving many years ago, and some of those streets remain to this day. The flooring gets its extra strength from the fact the wood grain is on the surface, unlike engineered wood flooring, which has a face grain surface.

End grain flooring is environmentally friendly, as it can be made from reclaimed timber. This also makes the flooring cost-effective if you happen to be carrying out a renovation.

As every piece of timber is different, the pattern end grain flooring produces is unique. The pattern of the grain is intense and gives a beautiful bold finish. You can stain and paint the wood or choose to leave it without a finish to maintain a natural feel. Wooden flooring is a great choice for any home; for home improvement ideas, check out companies such as


One of the problems with end grain flooring is getting the tiles to fit tightly while also ensuring the wood is dry – this is so it won’t shrink. End grain flooring titles will normally fit together like other floor tiles, although the process is a bit more tricky than with traditional wooden flooring. End grain flooring also has its limitations, as it is never advisable to install it over underfloor heating – the changes in temperature will cause the wooden tiles to shrink and crack.


If you’re looking for a floor that will stand the test of time while also having the wow factor, then end grain flooring is an excellent choice for your next home floor installation.

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